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Top 5 sights in Dubrovnik - King's landing for first-timers

In the spirit of Game of Thrones last season, I decided to go to Dubrovnik where King's landing was filmed. The moment I got there, my first thought was 'WOW'. Located in the south of Croatia, Dubrovnik faces the sublime Adriatic sea with rising mountain behind it. After two days wandering around the city, climbing up and down the narrow lanes on the hillsides, I found it hard to believe that people could become jaded by the beauty of this city. Here are the five sights that I think are most worth visiting in this city:

Walk City walls & forts: If you have only a few hours in Dubrovnik, this is where you have to go. You can miss everything else in the city, but not the city walls. Dubrovnik is most known for the magnificent city walls that surround its historic Old town. Walking along the walls, you will enjoy the perfect view of the Old town filled with red roof houses, narrow lanes and streets. From the walls, you will also enjoy the view of the azure Adriatic sea, Lokrum island and the Fort Lovrijenac on a rising cliff.

View from city walls, Dubrovnik, Croatia

There are a few entrances to the walls, Pile gate, Ploce Gate and Maritime museum. Pile gate is probably the most popular and hence busiest. It costs 200 kunas (yes, Kunas, not Euros) to enter the city walls, though there are discounts for students and children.

Old town: After taking in the amazing view from the city walls, you would want to visit the Old town. Take a stroll along Stradun, the main street, and explore narrow and compact lanes running across the historic town that are filled with restaurants and shops. Make sure that you head to Jesuit Staircase where the 'walk of shame' in season 5 was filmed. You will recognise instantly that it's where Cercei was forced to walk naked through the streets of Kings' landing. You may also want to check out St. Dominic Street, where some market scenes took place. Ploce Gate is the Red Keep gate. Alternatively, you can buy a GoT tour which will take you to all the filming locations in Dubrovnik.

Old town, Dubrovnik, Croatia

City view: There had been some dispute going on between the cable car operator and the old town, hence the cable car was closed while I was there (May 2019) *crying*. If it's open when you're there, you're in luck because you'll get to see the best view of Dubrovnik (according to my research) !

Fort Lovrijenac: check the fortress out especially if you're a GOT fan. the Fort makes some appearances in season 2 and 3. The fort's interiors are used to shoot the halls of the Red Keep.

Lokrum Island: the island is only 15 mins boat ride from Dubrovnik's Old town. Due to its close proximity to Dubrovnik, it's very popular among locals and tourists for a day trip. There is quite a lot to see and do on the island. You will also learn a bit of history about the island and the country and see a lot of peacocks roam freely on the island. I spent about half a day on the island and really enjoyed the bright sunshine, the salty smell of the sea and wind on my skin.

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