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Mam Tor - the Great Ridge - Castleton - A circular trail in Peak District

Updated: May 7, 2020

Peak district is without a doubt one of my most favourite places in the UK. It's one of those few places that I keep coming back for more. In the past year I've spent three weekends there and honestly it only gets better.

One of my recent trips to the Peak District was a hiking trip. I wanted to do a hike for about 3 hours, medium difficulty level and Mam Tor circular trail was just perfect. It took us to some of the most admired views of Peak District that stretched from Edale to Hope Village.

Our trail was Mam Tor - Great Ridge - Castleton Village - Mam Tor. We started our hike in the car park just next to Mam Tor, hiked up on Mam Tor which has stunning views over the valley, travelled along the ridges to the Great Ridge where we descended and followed the road to Castleton Village. From there we walked back to the car park and finished the trail. See the map below for the trail.

The hike from the car park to Mam Tor was relatively short although it wasn't that easy as the road was quite muddy due to the rain. Once we reached the top, it was absolutely worth it. The view was so amazing. Despite the crazily strong wind that almost blew me away, I stopped to take in the view and take some photos. It was great effort to stand in the wind for me ! I'm very serious !

We continued hiking along the ridge which took us to the Great Ridge. Needless to say, the views from the ridge were gorgeous and the green of the field made it feel so calming and peaceful. When we reached the Great Ridge, we passed through a gate and travelled down the hill and followed the track to Castleton village. Descending the the Great Ridge was a bit more difficult than ascending as it was steep and mostly rocks and the rain made some parts of the trail more muddy and slippery.

Once we got down the hill, the road was flat and nicely constructed, leading us right to Castleton village, where we stopped for lunch. The lovely village was so lovely that we spent about half an hour to forty five minute looking around and visiting some shops before walking back to the car park.

On the way back, we went through a broken road that was caused by landslide. It was interesting to see a road broken in part. It was amazing to see that and be reminded of how powerful nature could be !

Overall it was a nice day out and a rewarding experience that I'd love to do again.

What is your favourite hike in the Peak? Leave me a message 😸

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