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Top 5 attractions in Split - 2019 travel guide

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Split is the second largest city in Croatia with a population of just under 180,000. It's known for the old town, Diocletian's Palace, an enormous palace erected by a Roman Emperor, and nearby islands. In recent years, Split has become one of most popular destinations in Croatia.

Split is actually a relatively small city so you can easily visit all the main attractions in a day. Spread them out over two days if you want to have a chilled time.

Diocletian's Palace/ the old town:

Without a doubt Diocletian's Palace is the main attraction of city. The palace was built for Emperor Diocletian, who gave up the throne of the Roman Empire to settle there ( he must like the city so much that he gave up his throne !) . The palace has now become the old town of Split, where a number of shops, cafes, restaurants and apartments are located.

Game of Thrones fan: you may want to know that the basement of the palace is where the dragons are kept and trained.

Saint Domnius Cathedral:

The Cathedral is located in the Old town. It was built to be the mausoleum of Emperor Diocletian who oppressed Christianity and persecuted many Christians during his reign. In 5th century, the Christians reconstructed his mausoleum into a church dedicated to one of his victims. Who got the last laugh now?

The Bell Tower was a late addition to the Cathedral between 13th and 16th century that offers a view of the city's historic old town.

Gregory of Nin

Just outside Golden Gate of the Diocletian's Palace is the tall statue of Gregory of Nin, a medieval bishop of Nin who introduced the national language in religious service against the Pope's wishes. Until that time, religious services were held in Latin, which the majority of the population did not understand. As rubbing the statue's toe is believed to bring good luck, the toe has been rubbed so many times that it is so shinny. Don't forget to rub the toe while you're there !

Klis fortress - attention Game of Thrones fans

Well… whether this is a must see or not depends on whether you are a Game of Thrones fan. Klis fortress is where Mereen was filmed. As soon as you get to the fortress and see the stairs, you'll recognise Mereen straightaway. Located in Klis village, about 25 mins drive from the Old town, Klis fortress offers a great view over Klis. Before Game of Thrones, the fortress was free, but now it costs 60 kunas to get in (not surprising hah) …

Marjan Hill Viewpoint

This is the best view point in Split. From there you can view the port, the old town, the new town and the mountain ranges. You may be able to spot Klis fortress from there with binocular. After being amazed by the viewpoint, take a stroll into Marjan Park which is accessible from Marjan Hill viewpoint. The park is massive and it will take you away from the hectic city life :)

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